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Don't speak Spanish? Don't worry... we do. Ecuador Legal Services™ can help with Civil Law, Tenancy Law, Real Estate Law, Company Creation, Regulations for Condos, Complaints, Mediation and Contracts in Ecuador.

Flat Fee: $795
  • Create an Ecuador Company for $795.
  • By having a company you can qualify for a work visa which is multiple entry.
Flat Fee: $295
  • We advise to create a Wills and Testaments” in Ecuador for $295. Notarial fees are not included, you don’t pay them if you are 65 years old or older.
  • Travel expenses are not included, if needed.
Contract Law
Depends on Type
  • Ecuador Commercial Contracts. Vehicle purchase or labor, social security contracts are examples
  • Our fee is based on $40 per hour.
  • .
Ecuador Work Visa
An Ecuadorian Work Visa is a great option, if you need the freedom to travel in and out of Ecuador frequently.

Making a company is required, however there are many benefits to owning a company.

Most visas are for a two-year period and may be renewed. Family members can get visas under your work visa too.

You can qualify for a paycheck and IESS the government health insurance program as well.

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Our approach in working with Gringos is based on real experience. We understand, what you need, what your expectations are and how to best help you.

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Easy to work with is the best way to describe our style and methodology. We deliver the right solutions... saving your time and money.

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Are You Working Legally in Cuenca?

Cuenca’s Tourism Municipality began a publicity campaign (Legalízate Cuenca) to let know everyone know that all types of establishments and individuals who provide tourism services have to become legal.

This includes services such as: hotels, translators, catering, accommodations (airBnB), bed & breakfast, hostals, tourist guides, private transporters, facilitators, restaurants, bars, etc… have to legalize their operations. ?

This is very serious business as there are consequences for not complying!

Legalízate Cuenca's goal is to ensure service quality and that establishments and individuals are in compliance with Ecuadorian laws.

This campaign is the beginning of inspections of businesses and services and they are targeting ExPats too.

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Our Founder

Dra. Mayra León V. has been a doctor of law since 2000 for 15 years. Her father has been an attorney from more than 30 years. She practices civil law: real estate law; closings, tenancy issues, buy-sell contracts, consultations, and mediations. Mayra has a 4 year degree in English studies from CEDEI and another in Universidad Estatal de Cuenca in Cuenca and is an authorized and certified official translator for the Judicial System in Azuay, Ecuador from January 2013 and authorized for the 2014. She has 3 more degrees: one degree in political and social sciences, other degree in municipal management for development projects from Universidad del Azuay with support from Centro Universitario Villanueva affiliated to the University Complutense of Madrid and other degree in strategic marketing planning from Universidad Técnica Particular in Loja, Ecuador.

Dra. León has worked for several high-ranking public institutions: as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Tourism (national minister), as Director of Tourism for the Municipality of Azuay Province, an Adviser to the Chamber of Tourism of Azuay, and Director of Talent for another municipality of Azuay. She assisted and was project lead in the planning and execution of various projects in Ecuadorian public institutions such as, IESS, IECE and the Municipality of Cuenca.

Highly Competent with Skillsets Desired

Not all lawyers in any country are created equal when it comes to skills. In Ecuador you can be a lawyer (abogado) but not be a Dr of Law. Our founder, Dra Mayra León V is a Dra of law with five other degrees; two in English, marketing, project management and social services. She was a former national chief of staff for the Minister of Tourism and managed 80 others.

So she and her team have the skills you need. Call today for a consultation.

Expertise that You Need

Ecuador Legal Services™ can help with Visas, Civil Law, Tenancy Law, Real Estate Law, Company Creation, Regulations for Condos, Complaints, Mediation and Contracts in Ecuador. Ecuador Legal Services™ can help with Visas, Property closings, Civil Law, Tenancy Law, Real Estate Law, Company Creation, Regulations for Condos, Complaints, Mediation, Contracts in Ecuador and more.

We have the abilities and expertise that you would expect from a lawyer in your home country!

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Ecuador Legal Services™

Ecuador Legal Services™ are a full service legal organization with corporate offices located in Cuenca, Ecuador providing legal services for foreigners.

Our legal team is fluent in English and are top of the class gradates. Our founder has 14 years of legal expertise and 6 degrees.

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